Our Philosophy


It has long been a belief within Help IT Tech that all IT services should be treated as a commodity that can be outsourced and adapted to the needs of it’s users.


The way that people use IT now has changed significantly, there is a requirement for all service providers to offer a hybrid portfolio of services that are bothman cloud onsite and cloud based. IT Services should be delivered to customers only when they require them and not because their vendor wants to sell it to them.


If your current IT supplier fails to notice the seismic shift towards an open IT Infrastructure, one that is utilising traditional servers and cloud based services, then they may be the catalyst for future loss of productivity and eventually loss of profit within your organisation. Only using this varied approach on delivering IT services to our clients will we truly deliver on our goal to service the needs of our customers using the best technology available at the time from world class vendors.


We believe that every organisation can enjoy the benefit that today’s technology can offer, added to this the support of a dynamic outsourced IT Helpdesk team to support your end users when they need it most and you have a winning combination.








Managing Director