Computer Service and Maintenance

 At Help IT Tech we provide comprehensive computer services and maintenance along with customer service and we do it on your schedule.

 Maintenance of your IT infrastructure can be challenging, and lack of response to errors can lead to missed service levels and have an impact on productivity and revenue. Problem diagnosis and repair can be challenging. It is important for your business to avoid outages and downtime that can result in lost revenue and productivity. Help IT Tech provides customized maintenance programs. It is a company that can and does bring all the necessary resources to keep your systems running at peak performance.

The Help IT Tech provides:

  • Customized Service Level Agreements (SLA) across platforms/models designed by business needs
  • On site spares on location and throughout the Orange County accelerating remediation
  • Leverage single-call accountability for multivendor hardware support
  • Minimize costly downtime and protect against outages

What We Do:

The Help IT Tech Service provides low-cost assistance to individuals and departments at your location.


We offer walk-in maintenance services for most brands of computers:

  • Virus remediation and software troubleshooting
  • Software installations, including operating system upgrades
  • Hardware upgrades and installations (RAM, hard drives, network cards and more)
  • Data transfers and data recovery
  • Residential & Business service
  • Virus infection removal
  • Clean & Maintenance your PC or Mac
  • New computer setups
  • ​Wireless home network setup
  • Data Transfers
  • Desktop & Laptop Repairs
  • E-Mail Setup & Repair
  • Fix Slow Wi-Fi issues
  • Laptop Cracked Screen Replacement
  • Wi-Fi Printer Setup


We provide full warranty and out-of-warranty hardware and software repairs.


Need help troubleshooting common issues like wireless access or installing anti-virus software? We offer consulting services at your location.


Get started with Computer Service and Maintenance from Help IT Tech today!